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About Oakray Renewable Energy

Ground Water as a Heat Source...

  • Year round availability at temperatures of between 7°c-12°c
  • Can be used for heating, domestic hot water and swimming pools.
  • Requires environment agency consent to extract and discharge water from/to the water course.
  • Simple to install
  • Economic to run.
  • Low run noise output from pump motor

Water to Water Heat Pumps

Liquid or water to water heat pumps are hydronic systems that use water to carry heating or cooling through a building. Systems such as radiant underfloor heating, panel radiators, conventional cast iron radiators would use a water to water heat pump.

This type of heat pump is the preferred system to heat swimming pools and for domestic hot water pre-heat as a supplement to the existing gas or oil fired heat source.

Water to water heat pumps work in a similar way to ground source heat systems, with the exception that they use 'open loop' collectors, where underground water is circulated through the pipes.

High year round water temperatures allow water to water heat pumps to provide very high levels of efficiency. Underground water stores an enormous amount of solar energy which can be extracted at very high levels of energy efficiency by circulating it directly through the heat pump evaporator.